Naturally Swiss

OSUISSE has gone to great lengths to share Switzerland’s most precious resource with you. Our pristine alpine spring water is sourced from high-altitude origins and is filtered for many years by natural purification and mineralization before proudly wearing the OSUISSE label.

It refreshes and hydrates while offering purity that you can trust and authenticity that you can actually trace.

Enjoy it pure, on the rocks or pair it with your favorite dish for a sumptuous experience.

Our Story

Switzerland is blessed with a breathtaking alpine environment. As young Swiss people, we did a lot of hiking through our forests and mountains. We were and are encouraged to live in harmony with nature. In Switzerland you have a straightforward right: wherever you are you can make a small fire – to cook, to embrace nature and to feed your body and soul. But there is one important rule: you have to leave everything at least in an as good condition as you found it.

Inspired by this thought, we want to take this cultural heritage into the world with OSUISSE.

OSUISSE is a crystal clear, natural mineral water from the beautiful alps and it is also a message and a vision for a sustainable world.

Water plays a central role in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Together with our customers and suppliers, we support the UN’s goals and want to play a part in achieving them. Global challenges can only be conquered together. Every bottle of OSUISSE will soon be directly linked to a specific water or climate project.

Read more about our environmental responsibility.

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