Pairing Recommendations

As a low-mineralised water with a harmonious sensory character, OSUISSE is the ideal companion to put finely tuned and delicately spiced dishes or drinks in the right light and give them the necessary space.

Suitability with wine:

Its neutral character makes OSUISSE the ideal companion for high-end wines from different wine styles, which can fully develop their flavour. In particular this water is excellent for medium and strong red wines or cuvées with barrique ageing and for wines with a higher alcohol content and strong tannins. Thus, this water goes perfectly with classic French Bordeaux wines from the most prestigious Chateaux as well as the world-famous Pinot noir Grand Crus from Burgundy such as Romanée-Conti. Also with matured Italian majestic Barolos from Piedmont as well as with the cult wines from Tuscany, the so-called Supertuscans such as Sassicaia and Tignanello arises an elegant correspondence.Not to forget the exquisite accompaniment to Frenchvintage Champagne, whose elegant mousseux is fully enhanced by the still water.

Suitability for coffee:

Due to its softness, this still water is an excellent companion to coffees that have very distinct flavours. The coffee retains its characteristic aroma in all cases. Especially Coffee like the renowned Jamaica Blue Mountain, Hawaii Kona or Kopi Luwak profit from the neutrality and can fully develop their exquisite taste. In cappuccino and latte, the creamy mouthfeel is supported and enhanced by OSUISSE.

Suitability for tea:

The subtle mineralization of the water is also an excellent basis for the preparation of tea. Especially high-qualityand fine tea specialities from Darjeeling such as Silver Tips Imperial from Makaibari Estate or high-quality Oolong such as Imperial Grade Tieguanyin can develop their flowery aroma very well.

Suitability for food pairing:

OSUISSE is a perfect match for dishes of classic international cuisine or fusion cuisine, as it elegantly and unobtrusively underlines the character of the dishes through its harmonious mineralisation. Whether with light and fluffy dishes or with savoury and spicy dishes, OSUISSE with its versatility is always a good choice and perfectly refreshes the palate. It is a good companion to meat and fish dishes of all kinds. It also harmonises well with creamy desserts, making them a special treat thanks to its fine character.

Name of the spring: Source St. Etienne
Location of the spring: Sembrancher
Carbon dioxide category: Still
Licence number: 21-06
Assessment date: November 2021
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