Our Water

There is no shortage of clean drinking water in Switzerland – in fact, we are spoiled with an abundance of fresh air, water and beautiful forests. The OSUISSE water is born and bottled in the heart of the Valais mountains and brought to you in a beautiful glass bottle.

Our Glass

The packaging was a difficult task to solve: Glass or plastic bottles for OSUISSE? We have deliberately opted for glass – fully knowing it is heavy – because we can’t be sure that plastic bottles will always be properly recycled. We cannot accept the risk of OSUISSE polluting more plastic into the water. Glass, in essence sand, will return to sand.

Our Logistics

Until there is a technological solution that allows emission-free logistics, we are choosing partners that strive to improve the situation through efficient transportation and non-fossil fuels.

Our Climate

We are, of course, acutely conscious of the end-to-end emissions created by OSUISSE. We have set ourselves the goal of being not just climate neutral, but climate positive – because climate change can only be addressed effectively if there is less greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. We are working together with South Pole Carbon to compensate the actual emissions, additionally, we are also working on a system that allows us to invest into projects related to sustainable reduction of carbon emissions. Anyone who opens a bottle of OSUISSE is helping us to achieve this ambitious goal.

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